Artistic outfits



It’s eerily amusing how expressive our clothes have become.

Sometime ago, I went to my aunt who has been running a successful boutique. I went to her to get myself a new pair of whatever I could get. Browsing through her collection, I came across this one. At first, I thought it was just another kurta piece, but looking closer, the design was different. “Who’d wear it?” I thought. I’d rather use it as a sort of secret wallpaper instead of a clothing item. Our clothes are no less than a piece of art.

Sparks and fire

Today taught me that a little bit of anger is necessary. It goes a long way in making you someone that others can admire.

Funny thing is, I always thought that anger is something that we should give up on totally. I know that because I used to have so much of it, it made my parents and those who knew me disappointed. All the time. But I guess my anger wasn’t directed properly then. Realizing this, I slowly tried dealing with things instead of getting angry at it. One at a time. Maybe I started enjoying taking things lightly so much that I crossed the limit with that one, too. They say that life is about balance, this life won’t welcome peace without a little bit of conflict and anger. It doesn’t bother me, however. I will find a way. You do things as it best suits the situation and right now, a little bit of anger to light up the fire is what I want.


The place where I grew up






The Earthquake in April 25 has claimed the lives of more than 7,000, and counting. Many houses collapsed. Days following the Great Earthquake, I took a walk around my city, or what was left of it. Lalitpur fared better than the neighboring districts, with fewer houses down, and fewer lives lost. Yet, to see the old houses, which had always been there, in shambles, makes me feel like I’ve lost something priceless.



Sooner or later, your home gives up on you
like all the people that previously lived in them.
You can sell it to others, or split between yourself,
you might think that’s worse until it┬ádecides to fall.
A jolt, a few tremors, an Earthquake,
that is what it takes,
for you to understand that the house is only as strong
as the people that lived in them
and because people give up on you,
It’s only apparent that the houses, do, too.