Slow and Steady

It beats me when love has to be measured in biscuits and noodles and rosiness of the petals. Why can’t it be just felt in the silence after the long ride or the gestures that bind us in a strong steady bond? Time may betray us and end it all for us in the next moment, but this love will make up for everything, you just see.

Brief Escape

I found a perfect place to escape from the inescapable humdrum of the daily race. With barred windows and horizontal blinds, I sat down under the table on the gray carpeted floor and closed my eyes and concentrated outside the window on the birds, who were singing their songs.

People need moments like those time and again to clear everything and start all over again. After all, even if we breathe into the new day, the old pains and puzzles don’t leave us, but maybe, maybe these little breaks will be the one that’ll help us pitch in to the enthusiasm of the day.